Why J3068?
SAE J3068
J3068 at NREL
example topologies

–There are a variety of heavy and medium duty electric vehicles with on-board three phase AC chargers using a variety of plugs including some proprietary systems.

–Some common issues due to lack of standardized and safe EV-ready alternatives

  • Some use standard NEMA or IEC outlets that are always energized for EV
  • Some lack plug proximity or interlock to prevent decoupling while charging, which causes arcing
  • Supply without ground fault protection



  • Testing at NREL for J3068
  • Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) at the
    U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO
  • Transpower school bus
  • Type-2 three-phase AC inlet
  • Integrated motor inverter/charger (EPC Power)
  • Bus can charges discharge into grid up to 70kW
  • Test with AC EVSE shown on middle (shown case-less during EMI testing)
  • picture in the left shows 3 phase modern charging station with safety features 


Example – EPC Power Integrated 3-phase system

–Single device for driving and charging modes

–400 kW motor inverter

–Up to 70kW charger 

–Water cooled

–208 and 480 VAC versions

Example EDN Group On-board Charger


–Model CMP460-01

–16kW 480 (400-550) VAC three-phase supply

–350-1022 VDC battery back

–Ideal for 20A continuous / 25A breaker

–Water cooled