Our lab is located in Evans Hall ( at the University of Delaware. It’s set back a little bit from The Green, located in-between DuPont Hall and Brown Lab ( We have three lab spaces currently. These are in 118, 114, and 112 (which are all next to each other).

Dr. Kiamilev’s office is tucked into a corner in the front hallway when you come off of The Green, in room 110.

The mailing address for our building is 139 The Green, Newark, DE, 19716, if you need it for GPS purposes.

Lab Phone: (302) 831-3278
Please see the following links for information on traveling to the University:

Parking info

For your parking, we can get your parking validated for all of the green-labeled garages on this map ( We cannot validate city-lot parking, since they use a different system.

If you choose to use city parking, the closest to our lab is the Galleria, which can be accessed via Main Street (a one-way road heading west) between California Tortilla and Dunkin Donuts, or on East Delaware Avenue (a one-way road heading east).

There are also meters fairly close to the building, along the opposite side of the street on Academy St. These meters only take quarters though. 

Directions to STAR Campus (for V2G)

To access, head West on Christina Parkway (Route 4) from the intersection with S College Avenue (Route 896). Make the first right (you will see a sign for Bloom Energy). Head straight several hundred meters and through a fence gate. You will see a fleet of MINI Es on your left; park nearby.