• Fouad Kiamilev
  • Chase Cotton


  • Hamzah Ahmed
  • Rodney T. McGee
  • Michelle Pettinella

Doctoral Students

  • Elpiniki Apostolaki-Iosifidou
  • Furkan Cayci
  • Jon Dickason
  • Garrett Ejzak
  • Joshua Marks
  • Rodney McGee
  • Nicholas Waite
  • Peyman Barakhshan
  • Miguel Hernandez
  • Chris Jackson
  • Kassem Nabha
  • Rebekah Houser

Master’s Students

  • Chris Jackson
  • Tyler Browning
  • Jeffrey Volz
  • Zachary Marks

Undergraduate Students

  • Kathryn Black
  • Tianne Lassiter
  • Hamza Lemsaddek

CVORG Alumni

Nicole Wells
David Koeplinger
Robert Haislip
Corey Lange
Lawrence Aiello
Jirar Helou
Stephen Janansky
Tyrell Fawcett

Lee Reed, M.S. 2009
Employer: Broadcom Corporation

Ryan Hoover, M.S. 2009
Thesis: Design Tutorial and Comparative Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Production Softwares for Microcontroller & FPGA-based Systems
Employer: Delmarva Power (Pepco Holding, Inc)

Ray Delvecchio, M.S. 2009

Claudia Barrera, Ph.D 2009
Thesis: Variable Swing Optimal Parallel Links – Minimal Power, Maximal Density for Parallel Links
Employer: Intel Corporation

Michael Stamat, B.S. 2008
Employer: United States Air Force

Jason Parrott, B.S. 2008
Employer: FactSet Research Systems

Jirar Helou, M.S. 2007
Thesis: Fully Differential CTIA CDS for a 32×16 ROIC for 3D LADAR Imaging Systems
Employer: Ph.D. student, University of Delaware, Newark, USA

Claudia Barera, M.S. 2007
Thesis: Testing a Platform for a Low Voltage Differential Signal Gigabit Communication Module
Employer: Ph.D. student, University of Delaware, Newark, USA

Joshua Kramer, Ph.D. 2007
Thesis: A dynamic power optimization methodology for gigabit electrical links
Employer: MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Boston, USA

Juergen Vogt, M.S. 2007
Thesis: Conception, Design and Assembly of a High Speed High Dynamic Range Imaging System for Fluorescence Microscopy
Employer: Philips Research, Netherlands

Mayra Sarmiento, Ph.D. 2006
Thesis: Testing Platform Implementation and System Integration for an Active/Passive Imager System Including Readout Circuit Design
Employer: ALTERA Inc., San Jose, USA

Fikri Muhammad, M.S. 2006
Thesis: Multichannel 1.16 Kilovolt Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Driving Multistage Ferroelectrics Laser-Beam-Deflector
Employer: Information unavailable, student returned to Indonesia

Jorge Garcia, Ph.D. 2005
Thesis: Orthogonally Modulated CMOS Readout Integrated Circuit for Imaging Applications
Employer: QUALCOMM Inc., San Diego, USA

Xingle Wang, Ph.D. 2005
Thesis: Event-Driven Dynamic Power-On for Giga-bit Very Short Reach Optical Transceivers
Employer: IBM Corp., Essex Junction, USA

Yongrong Zuo, Ph.D. 2005
Thesis: Power-Efficient Dual-Rate Gigabit Transceiver Design
Employer: QUALCOMM Inc., Boston, USA

Jeremy Ekman, Ph.D. 2005
Thesis: Architecture and Design of a CMOS IC for Packet Switching Multi-Gigabit Data Streams
Employer: IBM Corp., Rochester, USA

Ping Gui, Ph.D. 2004
Thesis: Design and System Integration of Power-Efficient Gigabit Parallel Optical Links for Computer Communication
Employer: Assistant Professor at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA

Xiaoqing Wang, Ph.D. 2004
Thesis: Performance-based Dynamic Power Optimization Methodologies for Gigabit Links
Employer: Intel Corp., Folsom, USA

William Lawler, Army Research Laboratory 12-month Staff Rotation Program, 2002-2003
Research: Circuits for Army Collaborative Technology Alliance in Advanced Sensors
Employer: Army Research Laboratory, USA

Premanand Chandramani, Ph.D. 2003
Thesis: Design of a Gigabit Optical Network Interface Card and Layout Methodology for High-Voltage Drivers in Larges Arrays for Modulators and MEMS Devices
Employer: Assistant Professor at San Diego State University, San Diego, USA

Dietmar Schmid, M.S. 2003
Thesis: Design of a Programmable Interface for a 160 Gigabit per Seconds Free-Space Optical Interconnection Demonstration System
Employer: Information unavailable, student returned to Germany

Amitava Bhaduri, M.S. 2002
Thesis: Design, Test and Interface of CMOS and BICMOS Opto-Electronic Transceivers
Employer: Intel Corp., Folsom, USA

James Rorie, Ph.D. 1999 (UNCC)
Thesis: A Scalable System Architecture for use with Free Space Optical Interconnects in a 3-D Stacked Processor Environment
Employer: Logisys LLC, Indian Trail, USA

Vrinda Haridasan, M.S. 1998 (UNCC)
Thesis: Transmitter Design for the Next Generation Input/Output Architecture (NGIO)
Employer: Teradyne Corp., Los Angeles, USA

Richard Rozier, Ph.D. 1997 (UNCC)
Thesis: A Design Metholodoly for Optoelectronic VLSI
Employer: Hovey Williams, LLP, Kansas City, USA

Yuri Krimon, B.S. 1997 (UNCC), Employer: Intel Corp., Folsom, USA

Syed Zohairudin, M.S. 1996 (UNCC), Employer: Intel Corp., Folsom, USA

Ryen Shirlen, M.S. 1996 (UNCC), Employer: Alcatel-Lucent, Allentown, USA

Jason Lambirth, M.S. 1996 (UNCC), Employer: Mindspeed Corp, Newport Beach, USA

Iyad Hadba, M.S. 1996 (UNCC), Employer: Mindspeed Corp, Newport Beach, USA

James Rieve, M.S. 1996 (UNCC), Employer: Alcatel-Lucent, Allentown, USA

Sudhir Nagarkar, M.S. 1996 (UNCC), Employer: CADENCE Corp., San Jose, USA

Balaji Virajpet, M.S. 1994 (UNCC), Employer: Cirrus Logic, Austin, USA

Gordon Aplin, M.S. 1995 (UNCC), Employer: Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, USA

Ravi Narala, M.S. 1995 (UNCC), Employer: Analog Devices, Hillsborough, USA

Hina Mehta, M.S. 1995 (UNCC), Employer: Intel Corp., Phoenix, USA

Eric Fought, M.S. 1995 (UNCC), Employer: Intel Corp., Phoenix, USA