Our Mission

We are training students to become succesful participants in the 21st century global economy. Since 1997, our group graduated 12 Ph.D. students and 16 M.S. students. Our alumni are employed by leading academic and industrial organizations in the United States. To learn more about our alumni, please click here.

Our Research

Energy Efficiency

At CVORG, we believe that conservation and generation of energy is one of the most critical problems facing today’s electrical engineers! Therefore, we are conducting research on power saving and power conversion methods for electrical devices that operate from power-limited power sources.
For example, we have developed a novel power saving technique that reduces the power consumption of high-speed electrical interconnects used in portable devices. The amount of power saved ranges between 1.5X to 30X over established methods. To learn more about this research, please click here.

Power Conversion


In the area of power conversion, we have invented a new power converter circuit that efficiently combines power from multiple solar cells. Our converter circuit can operate with input voltages of as low as 0.2 volts. It also eliminates sun shading and voltage compatibility problems. To learn more about this research, please click here.

Circuit Design


In addition to research, we also perform custom integrated and discrete circuit design for special purpose applications. Since 1992, we have designed integrated circuits or provided design assistance for numerous research programs. Among DARPA programs that we have supported are CO-OP, FSOIA, VLSI PHOTONICS, STAB, PWASSP, NEOCAD, OPTO-CENTERS, OMNET, PONI, POSH, CHEETAH, ACN, PCA, 3DIC, VHESC I, VHESC II, TEST and C2OI. U.S. Army and Air Force research projects that we have supported include Optical Fuzing, HWIL Systems, 3-D LADAR Imaging, and Optical Interconnects.

Contact Us

If you want us to design your next electronic circuit, or you have questions about our research, or you are interested in joining our team, send me an email. I manage this research group and I am responsible for the content of this website.

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